I got a little change in my pocket going  jingle jingle ling.

Well keep that change in your pocket  here in Italy much unlike the US they dont have free public restrooms or ones you can get into anywhere.  Here they have bathrooms but you have to pay for them up to €2 which is close to $3. Its crazy but makes sense why not make money where you can to pay for having the bathroom anyway.    I think this was one of the more interesting things we came across while we were  first exploring venice. definetly one for the books!     

Practice run

lets see if i can maintian a blog while im over there i’m stealing from caitlin c and using the same site system because her’s is of course amazing 🙂

So i guess here it goes HELLO WORLD 

join me while i explore Europe with my brother the shenanigans and my campaigner girls!

this is literally the adventure of a lifetime!